Indian American Cultural Association

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Welcome to Indian American Cultural Association

Our Mission

To promote and foster goodwill between the people of United States and the people of India through cultural and educational exchanges.

To provide a nucleus for the fellowship and exchange of ideas between the Indian Community in Michigan and surrounding states.

To provide and secure means from among the members of the Association, and other resources for educational and socio-medical needs for the needy and deserving people of India at an individual level.

  2017- IACA Events and Dates


  1. Holi and Vaisakhi Function -Saturday April 8th

  2. Mother’s Day Bowling Event - details to follow 

  3. IACA Youth Program: River Day in June

  4. Summer Picnic - Details to follow

  5. Camping – Details to Follow

    1. Contact Harvinder @ for reservations

  6. Diwali Function - Details to follow



About IACA

Indian American Cultural Association (IACA) is an esteemed organization of Greater Detroit. The main goal of this organization is to provide a platform to promote rich culture and diversity of India and the neighboring countries

This organization provides a platform and opportunity to the younger generation to learn about the rich Indian Culture & Heritage. Members of this organization have been working very hard for many years to bring the South Asian community together. We strive to achieve this through the engagement of local businesses as well as artistic talents in the community.

Our membership has been increasing very rapidly as more community members learn about the association.IACA holds a variety of cultural and social events throughout the year, our major event being the cultural programs on Holi and Diwali. Such events are great to promote not only the cultural diversity of our community but also provide a channel for local businesses to reach out to community.

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IACA President : Harvinder Singh ============>